About the Conference

The Post-Windrush Generation conference, which took place on 6th-7th May 2022, highlighted many of the hidden struggles for equal rights and social justice, including the recent very public scandals that have shamed this Government by exposing how whiteness is used to militate against black people.

The impact of black contributions to what is now regarded as contemporary British lifestyles and culture, beyond the realms of entertainment and fashion was also debated, in tandem with the ongoing effect of colonialism on black life in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s.

The conference revealed how contributors have negotiated racism and racialisation through turbulent political periods, and the personal impact of these forces. But it was also a celebration of identity and resistance, which provided a cultural uplift, impelling the event to be exciting and engaging for both academics and non-academics alike.

Here, you can access many resources from the conference, including: